TLC Schedule

TLC, which originally stood for The Learning Channel, has been around since 1972, though it really started to “take off” in 1991 when the channel was bought out by Discovery Communications, the same company that owns the Discovery branch of channels.

Although the channel was originally based on educational studies and featured shows about ancient history and financial matters, they soon found that the market for that area was very small. When the original company went bankrupt, Discovery Communications stepped in and changed the TLC’s lineup to shows that would get better ratings. Although the shows tended to be less traditionally educational, they focused their learning aspect on activities like improving your home and becoming knowledgeable about the lives of different kinds of people. The channel now features a large number of shows about family life and personal stories.

Hoarding: Buried Alive is a show on TLC that has gained continuous praise since the time it started in 2010. Cameras follow hoarders through their daily lives as they struggle with their illness and also follow hoarders as a team comes in to help them become less attached to their possessions. With some therapy, the hoarders are generally able (but not entirely willing at first) to throw away or donate the majority of their items.

For a look at the struggles that little people face every day, check out The Little Couple. It follows Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, a newlywed couple who are hoping to have a baby. There are setbacks associated with their dwarfism, but the couple deals with all of their issues in mostly positive ways. They are open about the struggles that they face due to their dwarfism, along with the difficulties of finding jobs and moving into a new house in another city.

Learn how to experts save money during each shopping trip with Extreme Couponing. Cameras follow professional couponers as they gather and clip their coupons, make plans for buying and storing their items, getting through the store and bringing their load home. You’ll soon find that, although you might use your weekly coupons, these people outdo any couponing that you have ever seen before.

Toddlers & Tiaras is one of the most controversial shows on TLC, yet it also has some of the highest rating. People just can’t seem to get enough of these pageant kids and moms. Little girls are dressed up for full glitz pageants where they must be spray tanned and will wear “flippers” that fit over their real teeth to make them look better on stage. Parents spend thousands on dresses and stylists in order to make sure that their child is the winner.

In What Not to Wear, Stacy and Clinton give unsuspecting fashion victims $5,000 to spend on getting an entirely new wardrobe. They teach each person featured on the show how to dress correctly for his or her body type and age. Every fashion victim has a different problem, and Stacy and Clinton show each person (and you) how to fix it effectively.

Cake Boss features the Valastro family and their family business, Carlo’s Bakery. This family certainly has their own way of dealing with problems. Although there is often arguing, the family ultimately loves each other and will do anything to keep the business running smoothly.

If you’ve ever been interested in human psychology, check out My Strange Addiction. Each episode follows a few different people who have struggled with being addicted to something in a way that many people could never understand. It first premiered in 2010, and it is currently going on its fourth season. The show aims to help people understand that strange addictions exist and that there is always help for any situation that you might face.

To see what shows will be broadcast for the upcoming week, go to It gives a plain, easy-to-read schedule that will help you determine when each show will air. It also gives a details on which episode will show at what time so that you can learn a bit more about what you will be watching.

If you’re not necessarily interested in the schedule but would still like to learn about the programming, check out TLC’s website at Alongside the daily and weekly schedules, you’ll also see descriptions of your favorite shows, biographies of the characters, links to each show’s social media website and even games based on some shows.